End-of-term dance-out

It’s the end of term and therefore time for one of our annual dance-outs!

It’s a bit different this year, so participate however you want. This could be:
🐧Video yourself doing a Uni Morris dance – maybe Princess Royal from our tutorial earlier this semester 👑
🐧Selfie of yourself in Uni Morris kit – or as close as you can get if you’re new and don’t have kit
🐧Video a penguin doing a Uni Morris dance
🐧Picture of a penguin in kit – cuddly toy, drawing, photoshop…whatever you like
🐧Anything you like that’s vaguely Uni Morris ish!

Anyone can join in: can be a member, considering being a member, from a different Morris team, or someone who follows us because you like our photos 💛

Email your contribution to morris@sheffield.ac.uk before 1st December and we’ll put them together for a compilation.
Feel free to share on social media as well, but do make sure to email!

Have fun dancing!

Author: Sheffield University Morris

Morris Dancing Society at the University of Sheffield

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