Kit – from beginning to 2020-21

The Beginning

At the first practice, we had group practice hankies.

At our first dance-out in September 2017, we all wore white shirts, black trousers, and black shoes.


By ICBINI our kit included baldrics made of wide twill tape, and yellow socks. We also had individual dance-out hankies, made of nicer material than the practice hankies.

The baldrics were sewn at ICBINI, and hat ribbon was measured and sewn on. At this event we learnt that string to hold one’s hat on is an excellent idea.

Academic year 2018-19

By this point we had wider baldrics made of fabric.

Individual kit consisted of white shirts, black britches, black shoes, yellow socks (provided by the society), and group kit had bells, baldrics, hankies, hair ribbons, and arm ribbons.

Both practice hankies and dance-out hankies are now group kit, many members have their own practice hankies made themselves from colourful material.

The beginnings of our Rapper team in Autumn 2018

Both for aesthetics, and accessibility for some members, it was decided that the Rapper kit should use black short-sleeved t-shirts instead of the long-sleeved white shirts used for Cotswold. Sashes were made of the same fabric as the baldrics of the time.

Academic year 2019-20

A dance-out immediately preceding term was a day long dance-out (Sowerby Rushbearing), with lots of switching between Cotswold and Rapper. A decision was made for the event to do the Rapper in white shirts, and simply swap baldrics and sashes, and shoes for those with separate shoes for the different styles. By the next Rapper dance-out, all the members of the Rapper team were happier without swapping, and the decision was made for all subsequent Rapper to be done in white shirts.

By this point we’ve had a couple of members wear different but thematic kit for accessibility reasons. This has included yellow leggings instead of socks, and a couple of styles of skirt.

In a cafe after a dance-out in spring, it was mentioned that winter is rather cold, and the decision was made to acquire yellow leggings as an alternative to socks for cold days, and for those who found the socks uncomfortable. Unfortunately they did not arrive before lockdown, and have not been tested.

“Our Kit” 20-21

A copy of Our Kit, copied 17th February 2021.

Our Kit

For all our Morris styles we have kit inspired by traditional costume. We have a standard version but are totally fine with people adapting it if they need to. Have a look through our photos and videos to see the variety we have within the aesthetic.

Kit the society brings to events

  • Sticks
  • Swords
  • Hankies
  • Baldrics
  • Sashes
  • Hair and arm ribbons
  • Leggings

Kit we give to you

  • Yellow socks
  • Ribbon for hats

Kit you have to buy

Note: some of these you may be able to borrow or otherwise find through the society

  • White shirt
  • Black trousers
    • We will help you adjust your black trousers into britches
  • Black shoes
  • Straw hat (optional)

What to wear at practices

  • Clothes you are comfortable dancing in
  • Shoes suitable for dancing in
    • For Rapper, hard soled shoes are better, but you can manage without
  • Some members have practice hankies that they’ve made themselves. This isn’t a requirement, it’s just something a few of us like to do.

Group kit provided at practices

  • Hankies
  • Sticks
  • Swords

SU Meet-and-greets

Want to meet Morris Society?

This week the SU are hosting Meet-and-Greet sessions Mon-Fri 1pm-2pm.It’s using Discord, and to join, follow this link: <- the join link is under “SocCom session”

See you there!

If you can’t make it, or aren’t comfortable with voice calls, you can always contact us via our social media @shefunimorris or by our email at 💛🖤 [black and yellow hearts]

[Image description: a yellow background with confetti. The words say “Our SU Coming To You”]

Dancing Penguins

It’s the first week of exams – so here’s some dancing penguins to cheer you up!

This week’s page was drawn by Chloe for our end-of-term dance-out before the holidays, and she kindly sent us a black and white version for people to try their own colours on.

Check out the colouring pages here:

Logo Competition Updated Rules

Hi all, I’d misunderstood IVFDF 2022’s rules slightly, so here’s the updated version 😊


Sheffield Uni Morris is running IVFDF (the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival) in 2022 and we need a logo!

IVFDF is a weekend-long student dance festival run by a different university each year; hundreds of people attend for dancing, workshops, fun, friendship and sleep deprivation – an unmissable experience for student folkies!

The winner of our logo competition will receive a FREE weekend ticket to Sheffield IVFDF 2022!

Deadline: 9th February 2021

Guidelines & How to Enter – We will need the logo to be suitable for social media, printed publicity, and for t-shirts/merchandise. Therefore, simpler designs and colour palettes are recommended!

The logo should not incorporate the year or date but should include space to do so. If you need clarification on this please ask us.

This is the first IVFDF that Uni Morris are running, so we’d love a penguin themed logo, but this is not a requirement.

If you’re sending a photograph or scan of a drawing, please send it at a high resolution & picture quality.

If your design is digital, it should be 500x500px or larger. Files should be in a universal format such as JPG, PNG , or SVG vector file. If you need any assistance with this, please ask us.

Disclaimer: If we don’t receive any suitable entries, we may not use a logo from the competition. If the winning logo needs editing to make it more suitable, we may change the design slightly.

Please email your designs to by 9th February 2021. We’re excited to see your logo designs!

Logo Competition

If you haven’t heard, Sheffield Uni Morris are running the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in 2022. This is quite exciting for us and the first thing we need is a logo.

  • The logo should not incorporate the year or date, but should include space to do so. For examples, see most previous IVFDF logos, including Sheffield IVFDF 2018.
  • Logo should include “Sheffield”.
  • We will need the logo to be suitable as a profile picture, a publicity picture, and for t-shirts and other merchandise. If the logo we like best needs editing to make it more suitable, we may change the design slightly.
  • Designs should be emailed to
  • The deadline is 9th February 2021.

This is the first IVFDF that Uni Morris are running, so we’d love a penguin themed logo, but this is not a requirement.

The designer of the winning logo will get a free weekend ticket to Sheffield IVFDF 2022!

More Colouring!

Continuing our January of colouring pages, here’s a picture of when the Treasurer was looking after University of Sheffield Scout and Guide Society ‘s mascot Bertie Bee and brought him to try out Morris Dancing.

Colouring page is here:…/colouring-pages/

And if you want to use a traditional colour palette then check out these links for photos of the penguins and bees: