Meet Our Mascots!!!

The society currently has five penguin mascots, each with their favourite Morris Dance style.

The as yet unnamed morris penguins

As Yet and Unnamed are our first mascots, and are dressed in Cotswold kit. They like joining in dancing with their hankies and bells!


Calypso is our virtual mascot. They’re very officious and you’ll see them around the website and social media keeping an eye on our publicity officers.


Santaguin is dressed in the winter kit we wore one year. They’re very new to dancing and just starting to learn.


Kraken is our second mascot. Their rapper sash was made at Sowerby Bridge Rushbearing in 2019 and they have their own lock to remind us how to do one.


Noot is our softest penguin, and the one in charge. To show this off, Noot has a waistcoat like our Tommy sometimes wears.

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