End of Exams!

To celebrate the end of exams, here’s our last colouring page of this run.

Our Morris hats frequently have badges on, from events we’ve danced at, teams we’ve met, or anything we feel like!

Colour them in with whatever team colours you’d like, and try making up your own badges!


Colouring Santaguin!

Second week of exams!
So this week’s relaxing activity is our cuddly Santaguin.

Check out https://sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/public-resources/colouring-pages for the printable version

And look at https://sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/about/mascots for the original colour scheme for Santaguin

Dancing Penguins

It’s the first week of exams – so here’s some dancing penguins to cheer you up!

This week’s page was drawn by Chloe for our end-of-term dance-out before the holidays, and she kindly sent us a black and white version for people to try their own colours on.

Check out the colouring pages here: sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/public-resources/colouring-pages

More Colouring!

Continuing our January of colouring pages, here’s a picture of when the Treasurer was looking after University of Sheffield Scout and Guide Society ‘s mascot Bertie Bee and brought him to try out Morris Dancing.

Colouring page is here: https://sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/pub…/colouring-pages/

And if you want to use a traditional colour palette then check out these links for photos of the penguins and bees:



Happy January!

Happy January!We know January can be a bit hard, what with the deadlines and exams coming up, so for the next few weeks we’ll be sending out some colouring pages for you for some relaxation 🐧🐧[penguin emojis]

The first one is Noot rowing down a river in a Morris hat.

If you’d like to share, we’d love to see the coloured in versions 💛🖤 [black and yellow hearts]

The printable files can be found here: https://sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/public-resources/colouring-pages/🚣‍

If you’re not sure what Noot looks like, check out our mascots page here: https://sheffunimorris.wordpress.com/about/mascots/