Logo Competition

If you haven’t heard, Sheffield Uni Morris are running the Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in 2022. This is quite exciting for us and the first thing we need is a logo.

  • The logo should not incorporate the year or date, but should include space to do so. For examples, see most previous IVFDF logos, including Sheffield IVFDF 2018.
  • Logo should include “Sheffield”.
  • We will need the logo to be suitable as a profile picture, a publicity picture, and for t-shirts and other merchandise. If the logo we like best needs editing to make it more suitable, we may change the design slightly.
  • Designs should be emailed to logo@sheffield-ivfdf.org.uk
  • The deadline is 9th February 2021.

This is the first IVFDF that Uni Morris are running, so we’d love a penguin themed logo, but this is not a requirement.

The designer of the winning logo will get a free weekend ticket to Sheffield IVFDF 2022!

Author: Sheffield University Morris

Morris Dancing Society at the University of Sheffield

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